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WiseNet Asia (Chongqing) Co Ltd was invited by Chongqing Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department to attend a feedback session on 8 November 2017 to discuss on talent attraction policies & issues for Chongqing.  Attending the meeting were policy makers from the Human Resources and Social Security Department, major universities in Chongqing, state owned companies from Chongqing, local private enterprises and key human resources companies, including WiseNet Asia.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss on ideas to attract talents to Chongqing and build Chongqing into a competitive talent city.

At the meeting, current challenges and difficulties faced by universities and enterprises in attracting talents to work in Chongqing were being raised and discussed.  Suggestions and ideas on what the government could consider were being raised up.

Karen Woong, General Manager of WiseNet Asia Chongqing Branch, shared Singapore’s international talent policy.   She also shared on the major factors affecting the decision of talents in relocating to a foreign city.  As a headhunting company which has assisted numerous companies in international talent recruitment,   Wisenet Asia understands the needs and what these talents look for, including salaries, benefits, security, spousal relocation, children’s education, quality of life in the destination city, etc.

We trust that with Chongqing’s determination, it will achieve its goal in being a talent-friendly city where talents from all over the world will be able to develop their careers and enjoy their stay.