Singapore, 26 Oct 2020 – With mutual interest in the field of training and development, and to promote international collaboration, WiseNet Asia and the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) have signed an MOU to work together in the following areas:

  1. Co-designing of internship programmes for SUSS students in overseas markets
  2. Expand SUSS entrepreneurship programmes to overseas markets, bridging entrepreneurs through networks and activities

WiseNet Asia will work with employers in Asia Pacific on the placements of interns, which will be on either remote internship or on site, depending on COVID-19 developments and measures in each country.  For the entrepreneurship programmes, WiseNet Asia will co-ordinate with overseas companies interested at expanding into Singapore and ASEAN by matching them with a Singaporean co-founder from SUSS who is equipped with entrepreneurial skillsets.

For more information about the internship and entrepreneurship programmes, please refer to the following:

WiseNet Asia internship programmes:

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) entrepreneurship programmes:

For companies who are keen to participate in either the internship or the entrepreneurship programme, please contact the following:

Mr Wesley Hui
DID: 6238 0982 / HP: 9661 9473

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On October 1, Chongqing Bashu Secondary School held an online strategic cooperation signing ceremony with NIE International Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

The online meeting was attended by the following:

Professor Paul Teng, Managing Director/Dean, NIE International Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Mr Wesley Hui, Founder and Executive Director, WiseNet Asia Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Dr. Han Peng, Director of Information Center, Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology and Chairman of Chongqing Science and Technology Service Company

Mr Wang Guohua, Principal, Bashu Secondary School

Shu Yihai, Party Secretary

Other attendees in the meeting included leaders of relevant departments in Bashu Secondary School and representatives from Chongqing Zhongxing Education Technology Co., Ltd

Dr. Han Peng, Director of Information Center, Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology and Chairman of Chongqing Science and Technology Service Company

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Han Peng delivered a speech on behalf of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Information and Communication Innovation Cooperation Alliance. Dr. Han Peng gave an introduction on the background of the establishment of the China-Singapore Alliance and China-Singapore (Chongqing) International Internet Data Channel. He believed that the cooperation between Bashu Secondary School and NIEI provided experience for China-Singapore Data Channel to carry out educational cooperation. This collaboration is a demonstration case of the application of new data channel in the field of education, and stated that the alliance will try its best to provide services during the cooperation between the two parties.

Professor Deng Bingxiang affirmed the achievements of Bashu Secondary School, especially the top-notch innovative talent training system of Bashu Secondary School, and hopes that through strategic cooperation with Bashu Middle School, it will promote more professional development of the teacher team. It is expected that the two sides will establish a long-term cooperation mechanism in education, training, cultural exchanges and other aspects to promote mutual progress.

Mr Wang Guohua, Principal, Bashu Secondary School

In his speech, Wang Guohua emphasized that Bashu Secondary School emphasize great importance to the curriculum system and development of the teaching staff. The school will continue to implement the spirit of the document “China Education Modernization 2035”. Under the of China-Singapore (Chongqing) Connectivity Strategic Cooperation, Bashu Secondary School will rely on NIEI’s education system and high-quality courses to facilitate the development and growth of education professionals. Starting from the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, we will closely focus on each other’s objectives through joint planning, increasing consensus, working on mutual benefits, and jointly promote further innovation and progress of education products.


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