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WiseNet Asia’s internship programs place students abroad through collaboration with local authorities and leading companies.  Students participating in WiseNet Asia’s internship programs will be prepared through customized career coaching sessions, and foreign cultural briefing as part of the on-boarding process before starting their internship work overseas.  Our young leaders’ development process aims to equip interns with the right mindset and work ethics.

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Career coaching by industry specialist helps students think about their career directions.  Coaching helps students realize that aspirations are achievable through strategized moves.  This service encompasses career seminars and events customized for students, such as ‘The Experts Series of Talks’ by renowned industry specialist, where students get to find out more about the specifics and the challenges in their chosen field of work.  Through these seminars, students get to talk directly to experts and get their answers on the spot.

Culture Intelligence Training is part of the internship inbound and outbound program where students are prepared before they move to a new culture for their internship job.

Additionally, WiseNet Asia collaborates closely with various government bodies and private companies for networking events in major cities in Asia.  These networking events aim to benefit both students and future employers through less informal meetings.

With its extensive networks of trending local companies to global MNCs, WiseNet Asia is able to place interns from around the world to companies in Asia.  Interns are placed in companies that match their aspirations, personality and beliefs.  The match ensures both parties benefit from the working relationship.

Fresh graduates can be nurtured as future leaders, WiseNet Asia helps companies search for junior talents.  These are young talents with high potential for growth; who has the right aptitudes and are likely to succeed in their designated roles.

With WiseNet Asia’s junior search services, companies can focus on higher-level recruitment.

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