WiseNet Asia, Netxus Global and CIIC China Organize Overseas Study Tour for Members of China Talent Exchange Association

19th Oct 2023, Singapore – WiseNet Asia, the prominent HR consulting firm headquartered in Singapore and the sole Singaporean member of the China Talent Exchange Association, collaborated with Netxus Global and China International Intellectual Property Center (CIIC) to organize a comprehensive study tour for visiting members from the China Talent Exchange Association. Serving as an executive director unit of the Association, WiseNet Asia facilitated the one-day event.

During the study tour, HR experts from the WiseNet Asia team shared insights into the latest HR trends, including hybrid work models, execution methods, market practices, and crucial considerations. Guest speakers from the Align Group delved into vital aspects of the employment act, encompassing topics such as wages, work contracts, termination procedures, and governmental approaches.

Members of the Association greatly benefited from this insightful briefing, gaining valuable knowledge and practical insights.



About WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd

 Established in 2011, WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd is a one stop HR solutions provider and management consulting firm headquartered in Singapore, with other locations in Kuala Lumpur, Chongqing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  WiseNet Asia’s HR solutions encompass talent acquisition, talent transition, talent development, HR outsourcing, internship programs, and consulting. WiseNet Asia’s mission is to advance human resources development through the creation of innovative HR models and thought leadership activities, fostering knowledge sharing and industry insights.  For more information, visit http://wisenetasia.com/

About China Talent Exchange Association

Founded in November 2001 and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the China Talent Exchange Association operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. With over 700 member units across 31 provinces, including enterprises, institutions, and social groups involved in human resources services, the Association’s core mission revolves around “four services” — serving its members, the industry, the government, and society.


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Wisenet Asia Appointed As Committee Member Of China Talent Exchange Association:  https://wisenetasia.com/wisenet-asia-appointed-as-committee-member-of-china-talent-exchange-association/

On September 28, 2023, Singapore welcomed a delegation from Shenzhen Enterprises participating in the “Shenzhen Story Global Initiative.” Their purpose was to promote their Brands Going Global Initiative, aiming to facilitate collaboration across diverse sectors. During their visit, they also explored opportunities for partnerships with Singaporean universities and potential areas for cross-border development.

The event, hosted by Nanyang Technological University’s Career Attachment Office (NTU CAO), featured a distinguished speaker: WiseNet Asia, NTU CAO’s strategic business partner. Mr. Wesley Hui, Director of WiseNet Asia, shared his profound industry insights, shedding light on the evolving trends and demands shaping the global job market. His enlightening discourse resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring students to recognize their potential and pursue excellence in their chosen fields.

Watch video here: Exciting times for #Shenzhen #enterprises! A delegation of reps is in #Singapore, fostering collaboration across sectors and seizing development… | By Shenzhen Daily | Facebook

This collaboration between WiseNet Asia and NTU CAO signifies more than just a partnership; it embodies a shared commitment to nurturing talent and empowering the future workforce. Through such initiatives, both organizations are dedicated to bridging the gap between academia and industry, equipping students with the skills and expertise needed to excel in their future careers.

Stay tuned for more updates on how WiseNet Asia and NTU CAO continue to shape the landscape of education and industry integration, paving the way for a brighter and more empowered generation of leaders.

Video Credits:  Shenzhen Daily (English, print and online media) by reporter, Ms Zhang Yu.


20 Sep 2023, Singapore – WiseNet Asia partners the Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) to organize an information session for students interested in participating in the Chongqing Internship Program, held from December 2023 to January 2024.

This enriching internship opportunity spans five weeks, commencing on December 11, 2023, and concluding on January 12, 2024. The program aims to equip interested students with comprehensive information, including eligibility criteria, application procedures, financial support options, accommodation details, visa application processes, and the extensive local support available to make their experience seamless.

As we look forward to welcoming a new cohort of students to this exciting program, WiseNet Asia remains committed to fostering academic and cultural exchange. We are confident that this collaborative effort with NTU will continue to create transformative learning experiences for young minds, bridging international borders and expanding horizons. We invite students to stay tuned for further updates on this promising opportunity and look forward to a successful winter internship program.


Singapore, September 15, 2023 – WiseNet Asia, in collaboration with Netxus Global, joined hands with Chongqing Technology and Business University for a highly successful recruitment event. Leveraging its extensive experience in Singapore’s global talent acquisition market, this event was exclusively tailored for PhD holders and students seeking teaching and research positions in various academic disciplines.

With over 200 expressions of interest received, the event saw an impressive turnout of 55 participants. Notably, a significant portion of attendees came from the School of Computing and the School of Business.

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their keen interest and excitement about potential opportunities. Attendees were particularly eager to learn about available internship positions and how they could rise to the challenge.

Available Teaching and Research Positions:
• School of Economics
• School of Finance
• School of Mechanical Engineering
• School of Environment and Resources
• School of Mathematics and Statistics
• School of Literature and Journalism
• School of Public Administration
• School of Business Management
• School of Accountancy

Our partnership with Chongqing Technology and Business University signifies our commitment to nurturing talent and advancing educational and research excellence.

The resounding success of this event highlights the enthusiasm and potential of our future academics.

Reflecting on the success of this event, we remain steadfast in our belief that education and research are the cornerstones of progress. Our collaboration with Chongqing Technology and Business University was a testament to our dedication to nurturing talent in these vital domains. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated. Together, we have taken a significant step toward advancing education and research excellence.

16 Dec 2022, Singapore –  Singapore Management University (SMU), together with WiseNet Asia jointly organized a ‘Business Chinese Resume Critique Workshop.  The event is part of SMU’s Global Innovation Immersion program.  The lead trainer in this workshop is Mr Wesley Hui, Director/Career Coach from WiseNet Asia.  Mr Hui is accompanied by Career Coach Ms Chek Lai Peng and Guest Speaker, Ms Ix Lynn Chan, CEO of BHG Retail REIT.

The objectives of the workshop are to assist students to refine their Chinese resumes, and also provide students with insights into how corporate talent acquisition works.

Find out more about WiseNet Asia’s career coaching services:  https://wisenetasia.com/hr-solutions/internship-programs/



This article was originally published in the The Business Times / Weekend / December 3 – 4 , 2022

16 business leaders, including Diron Chua, Executive Director, WiseNet Asia, pledge support for The Business Times Budding Artists Fund through participating in the CEOs square off in world cup friendly duel.

View original article here: PAGE_BTT-030_1_1_C7QCFT


Sep 21 2022, Beijing – The China Talent Exchange Association kicked off the first meeting for its Human Resources Training Professional Committee in Beijing today.  WiseNet Asia from Singapore is the only foreign human resources company appointed as the committee member. The Director of the first special committee is Mr. Xu Xiao Dong, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of CIIC Group.

Remote participants including Mr. Wesley Hui, Founder, WiseNet Asia participated in the kick-off meeting online. With the inaugural meeting, Secretary-General Ding Guo Jie of China Talent Exchange Association announced the establishment of the Human Resource Training Special Committee, and President Wang Jian Hua awarded the Human Resource Training Special Committee a license.

The participants conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the future development and directions of the human resources training industry, industry research and norms, and work tasks in 2022. The meeting aims to promote industry peer exchanges and facilitate human resources development through the training committee.



Recruitment Talks for NUS Students and Alumni

Join us for a lunchtime talk to learn more about the opportunities in one of the fastest-growing cities in China – Guangzhou. Learn more about the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and the city’s talent attraction policies through our speakers, Mr Kenneth Teo, Deputy CEO, Guangzhou Knowledge City, and Mr Wesley Hui, Founder, Wisenet Asia.

Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Time: 12pm – 2pm

Industry: Executive Search

Faculties: College of Design and Engineering, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, School of Computing, NUS Business School

Target Audience: All students

Click Event Page for Registration: Opportunities in the China – Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City – NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates

Register by 28 September 2022



Beijing, 24 August 2022– In the 6th Singapore Tourism Board Greater China MICE Conference, Netxus Global, the Singapore Tourism Board and Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for three years to work together on helping China and Singapore enterprises’ growth and business development in the region, and also facilitating financing and investment.

Aside from helping enterprise growth, the collaboration also aims to build an exchange platform for Singapore and China talents for the purposes of learning from each other, and to create business partnerships within a regional eco-system.  Enterprise development and international co-operation will be promoted through conferences, seminars, etc.

The MOU’s other scope of operations include working together on expanding the influence and brand awareness of the Yabuli Forum in international economic forums, and to promote exchanges and mutual visits between the governments, enterprises, institutions and entrepreneurs of Singapore and China through the Yabuli Forum and other related business activities.

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About Netxus Global Pte Ltd

 Netxus Global is an artificial intelligence international business platform.  With its base in Singapore, Netxus Global empowers global political, businesses and academics through intelligent analysis and network distribution technology. We are able to provide accurate future intelligent skills training, international network contacts and facilitate the deployment of global talents.  Netxus Global offers businesses with iSPAN services for global market intelligence(i), Future skills enhancement(S), global talent placement (P), advisory for business or market venture (A) and global network connections (N).

Headquartered in Singapore, Netxus Global is a JV company formed by WiseNet Asia and the Millet Holdings.  For more information, visit http://www.netxusglobal.com/


About Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
Set up in 2001, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum is the leading social organization that gathers together successful business leaders in one common platform, with the mission of nurturing and facilitating growth of new businesses.  Yabuli’s signature events include the Annual Yabuli Forum, Youth Forum and the China-US Business Leaders Roundtable.  For more information about Yabuli, please visit:  www.cefco.cn or global.cefco.cn/


CHONGQING, ChinaAug. 22, 2022WiseNet Asia and Netxus Global (a subsidiary of WiseNet Asia and Millet group of companies) both participated in the Smart China Expo (SCE) 2022, held in Chongqing from August 22 to 24.  The theme this year is Smart City. Gathering more than 50 of the Fortune Global 500 and Fortune China 500 enterprises, this event showcase the cutting-edge achievements in China and Singapore.

Netxus Global’s AI and data enabled global business platform helps companies enhance efficiencies through intelligent analysis and network distribution technology.  Cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine analysis, and big data enable Netxus Global to provide accurate market intelligence, pre-emptive skills training after skill gap analysis, global talent placement and business advisory and network connection.

Netxus Global is a new economy entity that completely transforms WiseNet Asia.  This set up is instrumental to IMDA’s encouragement to company’s digital transformation.

As companies transit to a digital future, the major obstacle facing enterprise growth in an endemic era is local talent with global vision, and the strength and tenacity to face everchanging uncertainties.  WiseNet Asia helps companies to scale growth through its one-stop human resources solutions.  WiseNet Asia’s core strength is executive search and confidential executive search for mid to senior management positions, and recruitment with HR consulting for companies setting up and expanding in Singapore and China.

View more information:  Smart China Expo 2022 | ichongqing

Event Information:

Date: Aug 22 – Aug 24, 2022

Time:  10am – 7pm

Main Event Venue: Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center











Singapore, 7 July 2022 – In a move that jointly builds competitive strength in the global market, Netxus Global Pte Ltd, Singapore and Thinkthrough Consulting, India has entered into a strategic collaboration to achieve the following objectives:

(a) Leverage each other’s expertise and geographical presence to scale business development and enhance customer service;
(b)  Connect to each other’s networks and resources for expansion of service offering and strengthening of global network;
(c)  Create exchange and business leads globally through Singapore and India.

With this agreement, both parties will share the global resources and expertise to grow the footprint and clientele internationally for each other. Both parties will put in joint efforts to enhance the global network and tighten the collaboration on the areas of human resources advisory, skills and training, market development, network integration and industry development.

Netxus Global Pte Ltd is represented by Mr Wesley Hui, Founder and Ms. Alice Chan, Co-Founder and Managing Director. Thinkthough Consulting is represented by Mr Parul Soni, Global Managing Partner and Mr Vijay Ganapathy, Co-Founder and Partner.


From left to right: Mr Wesley Hui, Founder, Netxus Global and Mr Mr Parul Soni, Global Managing Partner


From left to right: Ms. Alice Chan, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Netxus Global; Mr Wesley Hui, Founder, Netxus Global; Mr Parul Soni, Global Managing Partner and Mr Vijay Ganapathy, Co-Founder and Partner.


China, being the world’s most populous country and second largest economy, is undoubtedly an attractive choice that firms consider for business expansion. However, entering such a huge market can be very daunting, especially if they are not familiar with China’s culture, competition, regulatory framework and market trends.

If you are looking to expand your business into China or are keen to broaden your understanding of the Chinese market, come join us as our panelists share their expertise in this market and touch on case studies of Singaporean companies’ attempted expansion into China.


Date: 5 July 2022, Tuesday

Time: 2.30pm – 3.45pm (SGT)

Register here 👉 https://lnkd.in/eYyN9Amj

*Please note that the opening and sharing will be done in Mandarin while the accompanying slides will be in English.

To view recording of the webinar,  please click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4RcqMuE6ek



Singapore Fintech Association (SFA)

SFA is a cross-industry non-profit initiative, intended to be a platform designed to facilitate collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem. We are designed to be an effective platform for members to engage with multiple stakeholders to find solutions to issues.