Our simple but highly effective search process focuses on creating a systematic and timely approach in delivering the right talent to our clients.

Watch the video, or read about our process below:

Acquiring and developing in-depth knowledge of our client product offerings, industry and competition is key to developing a solid foundation for a successful search. A clear understaning of the organisation’s corporate structure, history, culture, business strategies and its dyanamics are also essential to facilitate the upcoming search process.

With this knowledge of our client, we analyse both executive role objectives and its requirements, before aligning our client expectations with the existing market situation. Knowledge and expectations are then matched up through job profiling, sent to client for discussion and approval – and this acts as a directional basis to start our search.

Well aware one of the top challenges faced by our clients is the urgency to get the right talent on board with speed we develop a search strategy in view of specific client requirements. This strategy identifies suitable channels of search as well as potential sources for reaching out to candidates. Communication with client is constant, as with other stages, to realign search requirements along the process.

Multiple channels (industry networks, database, systematic research, etc) are used in this stage to identify suitable talent and benchmark candidates are then sent out within two working days to further refine search parameters. Selected candidates are reassessed and thoroughly evaluated against the clients’ requirements through meetings, interviews and market intelligence.

Official Candidate Reports are now presented to clients outlining the profile and suitability of candidates through objective recommendations. Search progress updates are given duly, and we take charge in managing candidates’ expectation of the relevant job opportunities.

Following the entire evaluation process, we assist our clients in the arrangement and facilitation of interviewing shortlisted candidates. Our role in this process is to ensure interviews progress efficiently and managing the expectations for both clients and candidate – to ensure they are in line with industry practices.

By playing a mediatory role in negotiation and addressing sensitive isues that arise, we assist our clients in structuring and negotiating a competitive compensation package to ensure that the most suitable talents are being attracted.

At this stage, we carry out thorough reference checks and reports to validate our candidates’ competency and suitability before finalising the employment offer.

After the acceptance of a job offer, we follow-up with candidates that we have placed, ensuring they have a smooth transition into their new jobs. This step also entails in liaising with both clients and candidates, – to resolve and iron out sensitive issues that may have arisen during the in trim period through constant feedback.