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WiseNet Asia is a HR Consultancy and executive search company. As such, it is vital that the information we collect from you are governed by Personal Data Protection Act (2012).

Personal data refers to any data that is able to identify an individual. Your personal data will be collected by WiseNet Asia is to provide you with recruitment and/or related intermediary services, as well as to ensure best user experience on

WiseNet Asia may also collect your personal data on behalf of WiseNet Career Transitions and WiseNet HR Management Software (HRMS), subsidiaries of WiseNet Asia Group in connection with providing recruitment and/or related intermediary services to, or for you.


WiseNet Asia collects data from you through:

  • Direct contact with WiseNet Asia in person, through website, over the telephone, letter or email.
  • Cookies from our website
  • Write-in and supply of resume or application form
  • Public Records and Third Parties

WiseNet Asia will take reasonable steps to inform you that the company has collected your data from a third party (unless you have indicated your consent in some other way) and ensure that you are informed on the purposes of which the data collection is used for.  


WiseNet Asia holds data to be used for the following general purposes:

  • Facilitate the recruitment process by providing recruitment and/or related intermediary services to you
  • Match your data against job opportunities that may be suitable to you
  • Build and maintain WiseNet Asia’s business relationships
  • Direct market products and services, upcoming events and other information across all areas of WiseNet Asia Group and businesses, which you are able to unsubscribe from such communication
  • Any other purposes for which you have engaged WiseNet Asia
  • Measure user experience and improve website performance


WiseNet Asia may disclose your data to third parties for the purposed disclosed at the time of collection. WiseNet Asia will take reasonable steps in ensuring that only personal data will be given to third parties for the purposes for which it was supplied for.

Third parties may include:

  • Prospective employers
  • Other recruitment companies/intermediaries involved in the recruitment process
  • Third parties to perform services on behalf of WiseNet Asia such as psychometric test companies.

If WiseNet Asia is acquired, merges or comes into new ownership, your data may be shared to WiseNet Asia’s new/potential business partners or owners. By providing WiseNet Asia with your personal data, you consent to WiseNet Asia disclosing your data to new/potential business partners or owners in the event it occurs.


WiseNet Asia hold personal data in a form of both paper based files and secure computer storage system. WiseNet Asia has security measure to protect personal data from misuse, modification, disclosure, unauthorised access or loss.

Security measures put into place to protect your personal data incudes:

  • Password protection on data storage systems
  • Restricted access on modifications done on data storage systems
  • Restricted access to shared network drives by only authorised staff
  • Virus checks
  • File movements on record

WiseNet Asia will keep your personal data no longer than necessary. WiseNet Asia will dispose of your personal data appropriately if it is no longer required.


You may request access to update or delete the data that WiseNet Asia holds about you by contacting the Data Protection Officer. You may need to provide more information and data to identify yourself upon making the request.

WiseNet Asia is able to refuse your request in circumstances such as where denying access is required or authorised by law. Where refusal of request occurs, WiseNet Asia will provide you the reasons for the refusal.

You may request for WiseNet Asia to stop using your information and unsubscribe from job opportunity alerts and marketing material at any point of time. If you wish to do so, please email us at

If the request involves a deletion of your data, we may not be required to do so, particularly where your data holds information about our clients.

WiseNet Asia reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for request of access and updating of data.


WiseNet Asia takes reasonable measures to ensure that personal data is accurate and up to date. You may be contacted by WiseNet Asia from time to time on accuracy of your data. Where changes on personal data is needed, please inform WiseNet Asia to maintain the accuracy of your data with us.

If you believe that your personal data hold by WiseNet Asia is inaccurate, WiseNet Asia will take reasonable steps to correct it. In the event if there is a dispute about the facts, WiseNet Asia will make a note on your personal data of such a dispute.


WiseNet Asia has operations in Asia and this encompass of offices, data centres, service providers and consultants outside of Singapore. The nature of the business requires WiseNet Asia to transfer and store your data, where necessary, to outside of the country in which the data was originally collected from.

By providing personal data, you agree that your data may be transferred and stored overseas. WiseNet Asia will take reasonable steps to ensure your data is protected and handled in accordance with legal requirements and as described in this Data Protection Policy.


WiseNet Asia may amend this policy at any time. Any updates or amendment to the policy will be notified on WiseNet Asia website.

To contact the Data Protection Officer if you would like further information, request for access or complaint on personal data, please email to