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“The team at Wisenet has been dependable and responsive. They take the time and effort to understand our requirements and make the effort to screen the candidates”

Compliment Letter from a Leading Retailer


“I first engaged WiseNet in 2015 for the support in filling up a Senior Management position in Indonesia, the experience I have with the consultant Mr. YH Koh was indeed very good…”

Compliment Letter from a Global Infrastructure Firm

“Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd for your remarkable service to us…”

Compliment Letter from an Established Firm in Tourism and Hospitality

“I am confident that engaging the competent experts at WiseNet Company is a decision you won’t regret. I will be happy to provide further information regarding the quality and effectiveness of WiseNet’s service.”

Compliment Letter from a Global Infrastructure firm

“Diron is reliable, conscientious and we have many positive experiences working with him. Diron ensures our requirement for each role is met before surfacing the resumes to us. His positive can-do attitude is commendable.”

Compliment Letter from an Award Winning REIT

“Working with so many search firms previously, WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd has shown to be outstanding in providing excellent solutions to complement our recruitment strategies. Armed with vast years of recruitment experience across various industries, Lance is able to understand out hiring requirements and fulfill them accordingly…”

Compliment Letter from a Reputable Township Developer

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