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WiseNet Asia’s Career Transition and Outplacement solutions help outbound professionals to transit into their next career seamlessly, whilst helping employers to manage the entire outplacement process efficiently and with minimal disruption to employees’ morale.

Career transition and outplacement happen because employees may leave their job voluntarily or involuntarily.  There could be various reasons such as new interests in a different career, or company relocation, shut down, or job restructuring which resulted in retrenchment or lay off.

We understand that restructuring or downsizing exercises can be a traumatic experience for employees. Our outplacement service provides one to one coaching sessions, with one key facilitator supported by other transitional professionals that may include financial advisors, mentors and executive coach.

WiseCare Transition and Outplacement Methodology

The WiseCare Transition and Outplacement Methodology is our proven solution for outplacement, developed through extensive working experience with many organizations during a retrenchment or lay off.  It consists of a series of measurable processes with clear deliverables and benefits to help organisations and transiting employees during their period of change.

For Companies:

  • WiseCare re-deployment program or transition program
  • Executive implementation plan with objectives and deliverables
  • Long term planning for employer branding.

For transiting professionals:

A 3 to 6 months outplacement program that consist of several one-to-one sessions.

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Career transition and outplacement are two different solutions, each with different course of actions.

Career transition may happen voluntarily or involuntarily.  An employee may voluntarily leave a job due to a new interest, or while still in the current job, they are building up transferable skills and getting coaching into their new career of interest.  A career transition program ensures that an individual move onto the new job seamlessly by preparing them well and removing all challenges that could come along the way.

Outplacement happens when the job is made redundant for many reasons such as company downsizing, re-structuring that resulted in retrenchment and lay off.  Outplacement often comes with emotional distress and negative impact on overall staff morale.  The objective is to overcome the building up of stress at the beginning phase, gradually coach the individual towards disengagement of the past, go through with them over a period of inner orientation and lastly, take the steps towards rebuilding of a new career.  Career transition often follows after an outplacement exercise.

In general, each programme is carried out through 3 stages of 6 sessions or more, to be completed within a time frame of 3 to 6 months.  Each programme may include less or more sessions depending on the complexity of each case.

The initial stage starts with consultation with the facilitator, who will run through the program and put together other team members that may include a financial consultant and an executive coach.  The second stage will be the progress stage, and the last step is post job search and wrap up.

The outcome will be the same for career transition and outplacement where someone moved on to their career of choice, at the same time that they have being equipped with more transferable skills in a broad spectrum of work functions.  Some individuals may choose to set up their own business or work freelance to enable a better work life balance, and some have moved on to a new career that was shaped during the program.

It could be both, depending on the need.  For companies that are going through a retrenchment or lay off exercise, they might choose to engage a professional HR career transition specialist to help manage the transition and outplacement of affected staff.  Engaging a professional HR company mitigate the risks of lawsuits.  Additionally, the HR company will take care of measures to lessen any impacts on staff morale.

For individuals who are keen for a change of career and but not sure how to start, the career transition program leads the individual through a process of deeper connection with their inner self, together with a customized list of learning to keep up with trends.

Prices are based on standard market consultation prices.  Please check with our Career Transition Consultants for prices in your respective locations.

Yes.  Companies and individuals that engage WiseNet Asia for these services will sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of the contract agreement.

No.  We cover Asia Pacific, but mainly China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Australia.