Senior Finance Manager

Helped our client, a large REIT company, to close the position of Senior Finance Manager.

GM / SVP Operations

Assisted our client, an established developer, to close their position of GM / SVP Operations.

CEO, China, Chengdu

Assisted our client, Asia’s top infrastructure company, to place CEO China in Chengdu to head their operations.

According to a survey released by Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCED), literacy rate for adults from ages 15 to 65 fall below the average compared to OCED economies. This is a result of older adults, ages 45 to 65, who ranks among the lowest scoring in literacy.

There is a call for greater emphasis to be placed on skills training, rather than credentials, and especially more so for the older adults in Singapore. WDA believes that employers should understand the emphasis should be on a worker’s skills, not qualifications.

Read more on the article here.

WiseNet Asia is proud to organise a HR Due Diligence breakfast session on the 29th of July. Join us, as our HR Due Diligence HR Specialist take you through on the HR strategies of doing business in China.

Date: 29th July (Friday)
Time: 0830 – 1030
Venue: 7Kickstart Uni Cafe @ SMU

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