Wesley, as one of the panellist speakers at the Chongqing (Jiangbei) Global Talent Summit

WiseNet Asia worked with Jiangbei Journal for the 2017 Chongqing (Jiangbei) Global Talent Summit. Wesley Hui, our Executive Director, was invited to a panel discussion at the Chongqing (Jiangbei) Global Talent Summit, held at Niccolo Chongqing Hotel. The HR event, held on 10 November, 2017, saw other keynote speakers such as Dr Fermin Diez, Deputy CEO of National Council of Social Service and Dr Xiao Mingzheng, Peking University Centre for Human Resources Development and Management Research.

The event attracted more than 500 attendees, mainly HR and senior management professionals in Chongqing. The theme of the summit centered on strategies and concerns for attracting and retaining global talent into the rapidly developing city. In the panel discussion, Wesley shared about the key issues affecting talents’ decisions to be based there. Some of these factors include return of investment and livability of the city.

More photos of the event can be found below: