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13 December 2019, the staff of the Exit-Entry Administration of the Municipal Public Security Bureau came to Xiantao Big Data Valley to issue internship visas for 19 foreign interns who participated in the Singapore (Chongqing) Youth Talent Program. This is also the first batch of foreign university students who are issued student internship visa by the Chongqing Police.

All these foreign students came from the National University of Singapore, and their internship in Chongqing lasted for 5 weeks. After submitting the foreigner’s face-to-face application registration form, company invitation letter and other application materials, in just 10 minutes, they completed the visa renewal for internship in China. Yida, a student at the National University of Singapore, said: “I think there is a lot of room for development in China.  If you are considering about working in China, you just have to look at the opportunity available after graduation.”

Before this, China did not have an internship visa for foreign college students. To facilitate an ‘opening up’ policy, the Exit-Entry Administration of the Municipal Public Security Bureau has specifically sought approval from the National Immigration Bureau. Foreign college students can come to Chongqing to participate in internships through the S2 “Private Affairs Short-term Visa”. Zhong Qian, a police officer of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said: “For an enterprise in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, as long as it has registered for an application, they can bring in overseas college students for internships.”

Luo Xiufeng, Commissioner of Human Resources Department of Chongqing Nuoersi Education Technology Group, said: “It is also conducive to our company to recruit more excellent overseas talents abroad in the later stage .”

Ethan Neo, Manager of Singapore WiseNet Asia said, ” We are in talks with other universities in Singapore and have already confirmed the next one. We are planning to bring about 100 students to Chongqing for internship next summer.

(Eye 1-Chongqing Radio and Television reporter Chen Wang, Song Niannian)