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Singapore, 13 July 2021 – The BT Euro 2020 CEO Challenge is a charity event organized by the Business Times, Singapore.  The event raised a total of S$27,000 for the Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF). A group of 16 business leaders, including Mr Wesley Hui, Founder, WiseNet Asia, took part in the event which ended on Monday.

When the European Championships reached Round of 16 on the weekend of June 26, each participant “adopted” one of the 16 remaining nations and had to back them for the rest of the tournament.  The rules of the CEO Challenge were: If a person’s team won, he or she would progress to the next round. However, if his team was eliminated, he or she would make a S$1,000 donation to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BT BAF).  BT BAF is an arts training fund that has reached out to over 20,000 financially disadvantaged children and youths to discover their talents and help them develop their confidence through the arts.

Read more:  https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/life-culture/bts-euro-2020-ceo-challenge-nets-s27000-for-budding-artists-fund

Source:  Business Times, Singapore