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WiseNet Asia, NUS Business School and the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum are jointly organizing a webinar exclusively for their members and NUS Business School students.  The topic of the webinar is “Transforming from a Rural Village to the World’s Largest Megalopolis – Shenzhen”.

Being the world’s largest megalopolis, Shenzhen is one of the center of economic attraction for multinationals and global talents in China.  In this webinar, the speakers will introduce multinationals and Singapore companies in Shenzhen and the related career opportunities available.  There will also be sharing on the latest talent attraction policies.


Date: 22 Oct 2021, Friday

Time: 2pm (GMT +8 Singapore Time)

Platform:  Zoom

Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
Set up in 2001, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum is the leading social organization that gathers together successful business leaders in one common platform, with the mission of nurturing and facilitating growth of new businesses.  Yabuli’s signature events include the Annual Yabuli Forum, Youth Forum and the China-US Business Leaders Roundtable.  For more information about Yabuli, please visit:  www.cefco.cn or global.cefco.cn/

WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd
Founded in the year 2011, WiseNet Asia Pte Ltd is a one stop HR solutions provider and management consulting firm headquartered in Singapore, with other locations in Kuala Lumpur, Chongqing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  WiseNet Asia’s HR solutions consist of talent acquisition, talent transition, talent development, HR outsourcing, internship programs and consulting.  WiseNet Asia’s core value is to accelerate human resources development through innovative HR models and knowledge sharing. For more information, visit http://wisenetasia.com/