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18-Aug-2021 – Mr Zeng Jinghua, Director of the China-Singapore Chongqing Connectivity Initiative Bureau (CCIB) and Mr Wesley Hui, Founder, WiseNet Asia, together with representatives from both parties met via a tele-conference to discuss various ongoing and future collaborations.

During the tele-conference, Mr Hui gave an introduction of WiseNet Asia, whose China’s headquarter is in Chongqing, and its main activity is talent acquisition for multinationals.  Since 2019, WiseNet Asia has been collaborating with National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University to place interns in Chongqing.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, WiseNet Asia initiated long distance internship programs with good results.  At the same time, WiseNet Asia also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanyang Technological University and Yubei District to establish an innovation hub which also serves as a talent training base in Western China.  Moving forward, WiseNet Asia will continue to drive talent exchange activities between Chongqing and Singapore by participating in Chongqing Connectivity Initiative talent development activities.  The company will also leverage on its resources in ASEAN to facilitate bi-lateral trade between Chongqing and ASEAN companies, and promote more businesses to set up in Chongqing.

According to Mr Zeng Jinghua, WiseNet Asia has helped to bridge the gap between Chongqing and Singapore through its earlier involvement in various Sino-Singapore projects which brought in top talents and technology to Chongqing.  In the future, the CCIB will strengthen its co-operation with WiseNet Asia.  Both parties will work together on projects such as distance training for teachers of Bashu Secondary School and Nanyang Technological University’s Innovation Hub in Chongqing.  The CCIB will also support WiseNet Asia in setting up of the Sino-Singapore (Chongqing) ASEAN Business Hub in Chongqing, which provides a one-stop service for the development and expansion of ASEAN enterprises in Chongqing.  As a next step, the CCIB will support the collaborations between WiseNet Asia and various government agencies, facilitate more cross-border internship exchanges between Chongqing and Singapore university students and attract more talents to participate in Chongqing’s economic and social development.

Other participants in the tele-conference include Mr Diron Chua, Executive Director, WiseNet Asia;  Mr Lance Guo, Director, WiseNet Asia;  Ms Karen Woong, General Manager (China), WiseNet Asia;  Mr Ethan Neo, Director of Business Development (China), WiseNet Asia;  Departmental Representatives, CCIB; Person in charge from the Information and Communication Department, CCIB


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