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This article was originally published November 2020.  Updated September 2022

Over the past few years, our experts have carefully studied the hiring process of top companies across various industries. We have learnt how the AI interviews are being structured, the most common skills they’re looking for and what you can do to land your dream job. Keep reading to find out more about the top hacks to have a successful interview.

The rise of AI in the job market

Many Asian companies are now switching to virtual interviews and recruitment webinars when it comes to hiring new talent. Most of these companies are now using artificial intelligence(AI) to hire candidates as well. This is due to the time-saving benefits that come with AI in the hiring process. It has the potential to automate most of the processes and help companies save a lot of time. The recruiter could easily arrange and organize many files, positions and applications at once.

AI is now becoming one of the most widely used recruitment techniques by companies in Asia.  It is being used in the initial stages of sorting, ranking, and shortlisting candidates. This process usually involves the usage of past data from successful and unsuccessful applicants. This data is used to train the AI machine for the hiring process.

AI is being used by most of these companies to collect the data of candidates and students that have been recorded over the years. This will help them in making accurate decisions when it comes to selecting candidates.  Companies are regularly testing the collected data to ensure that the objectives and goals that they need are being met by candidates. It is believed that the application of AI will become more popular in the coming years.

How to have a successful job interview

One of the things that many job seekers fear is rejection. This is why so many job seekers get nervous especially when it’s their first interview. Having a successful job interview is not just about the qualifications and experience that you have. It’s also about being confident and understanding how the process works.  By following the best practices, you will build your confidence, answer questions comfortably, and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Do your research

The most important thing to do before going for an interview is to make adequate research about the company.  Look out for as much information as possible to make sure that it is a company you would like to work with. Look out for their successful projects, their financial stability and how well the employees are being treated.

Prepare your questions

This is one of the interview hacks that a lot of job seekers seem to miss out. Going for an interview doesn’t mean that you will only be answering questions. There will be a section of the interview where the employer asks if you have any questions for them.

When you ask questions, it shows them that you are interested in the position and you have done your research. Saying ‘No’ at this point can stand against you and affect the rest of the interview. To have a much higher chance of winning the interview, try preparing some questions ahead.

Dress for success

This is another important factor that can determine the success of your interview. Aside from your qualifications, make sure that you are well dressed for the interview. You don’t have to wear expensive suit, so just pick something that makes you feel confident. Try picking the clothes you want to wear a night before the interview day so that you won’t need to rush. Ensure to stay clean and confident.

Take important files and arrive on time

Another interview hack is to always prepare copies of your work portfolio when going for an interview. Even if you have sent it as an email, you need to show them proof of your skills and experience.  By bringing it along, it will build your credibility and make it easier to tell your story. After preparing all the important files, make sure that you respect the schedule. This means that you should not arrive too late or too early. The best practice is to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of your interview. This helps in making a good first impression on the recruiter and gives you more edge over other candidates.

Stay positive during the interview

You must maintain a positive conversation throughout the interview. Try as much as possible to avoid negative remarks when asked about your past experience. Focus on the lessons you learnt from the experience and don’t try to blame anyone from your past. This shows the recruiter that you are confident in your skills and experience.

Watch your body language

To win a job interview is not just about the things you say. You need to understand how to respond to a professional environment. Your recruiter will closely observe your body language during the interview. Make sure to speak, smile, maintain a good posture and shake hands when necessary.

Tips for a successful interview with artificial intelligence

Always study past questions

One thing that is common about AI interviews is the repetition of question format. The questions won’t be repeated word for word, but it usually has the same structure. Study the recommended texts that were used for the same interview by previous candidates.

Stay focused throughout

When it comes to AI interviews, you must remember that you will be staring into a camera throughout. If you make too many mistakes, the machine automatically disqualifies you. Therefore, make sure that you don’t occupy your mind with distractions, stay focused and try your best to answer the questions. You can try practicing a few times in front of the mirror. By doing this, you will learn more about yourself and discover some habits that need to be changed. The bots have been trained to study all mannerisms and facial features that you may have.

Record your answers

Some companies will give candidates a limited amount of time to answer the questions. Not finishing your answers on time means that you get cut off the section with only a few chances left. Develop your answers and make sure that they are short, succinct and effective. Even if the company promise to give a second trial, respond to the questions as if you only have one shot. You can also try to record your answers during practice. Listen to them over and over again and look out for areas that need corrections.


Winning an interview might be easier than you think. A lot for people keep failing interviews because they don’t prepare enough. Always prepare your mind for any interview you want to attend. Stay confident that the outcome will be positive and make sure to put in your best. You can also seek advice from people who have successfully passed the interview in the past.  This will keep you ahead of the competition and make it easier to land your dream job.