Wisenet Asia joins Business Speed Meeting in Chongqing

On 20th December 2017, Wisenet Asia joined the 5th Speed Business Meeting held in Chongqing. This event is organized by The European Chamber Southwest Chapter, Chongqing Association of Enterprises with Foreign investment, Chongqing MBA Entrepreneur Association, Chongqing Returnees Club, Returnee Entrepreneurship Association and Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU).


Ms Karen Woong, General Manager of Wisenet Asia (Chongqing) Co Ltd, represented the company in attending this function, whereby more than 130 participants from many walks of life were presented.

Among the attendees were people of different nationalities working in banks, law firms, hospitality industry, universities, trade associations, consulates, MNCs, state-owned companies, entrepreneurs, businessmen, etc.


At the event, Ms Karen Woong, General Manager of Wisenet Asia (Chongqing) Co Ltd, met and got to know more than 60 participants. Some of them upon learning that Wisenet Asia is a headhunting and HR advisory company headquartered in Singapore, were keen to explore using the company’s services in searching for both local and foreign talents for their businesses. Several participants who happened to be looking around for future career opportunities also sent their resumes to Karen after the meeting.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to strike up a quick conversation with another participant sitting across the table for 2 minutes before moving on to get to know the next one, and move on again after 2 minutes. During the quick chat, everyone was busy introducing themselves, exchanging business cards and adding each other’s wechat.


At the end of the event, the participants had chance to mingle around freely to further develop the newly formed connections and have friendly chats with the other participants.

Everyone also prepared a small gift as random Christmas/ New Year gift exchange at the end of the event.

About Wisenet Asia (Chongqing) Co Ltd

WiseNet Asia started as an Talent Acquisition firm, providing mid to senior talent finder (headhunting) services to our clients.

Founded and based in Singapore, we have since expanded our presence over Asia to open up offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. Till date, our service offerings include Talent Acquisition, Talent e-Management (iHR Partner), Talent Development and Talent Transition.

WiseNet Asia set up the Chongqing branch in June 2017. We are the first foreign-owned headhunting company set up in the HR Services Industry Park located in Yubei of Chongqing. In Chongqing, Wisenet Asia mainly partners with Singapore companies coming to Chongqing/Western China and China companies setting up business in Singapore on their Human Capital needs. We also assist companies to source for foreign talents to relocate to Chongqing under the Chongqing Government Talent Attraction Scheme (鸿雁计划).