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Downsizing, retrenchment, layoffs – whichever the term is used, cutting out employees from an organisation is no easy task for senior managers who are assigned to let go previous employed individuals.

In many situations, senior managers often find themselves having to play the role of the villain. They consistently deal with emotional episodes with each retrenched individual, a difficult task to do so, especially when the person they are laying off is someone who they have trusted and worked with for many months or even years.

However, it is possible to lessen the usual negative effect that comes with a layoff, which can be done when a proper outplacement program is put in place.



Senior managers who are given a clear idea of the steps involved in the layoff process, as well as support and help along the way is extremely beneficial. Managers who let their staff know that, they will not be leaving them in limbo, and that the company in question will be doing everything possible to put them in the right path for the next phase of their life is very comforting.

The sincerity of the managers in looking out for the laid off individuals during this trying time will eventually show through, making the final handshake palatable and touched with a sense of gratefulness. It is not anyone’s fault when an organisation is forced into making a drastic human resource correction and adjustment. Laid off employees may not accept that they are the ones being sacrificed in this exercise, but they can eventually understand the decisions and underlying circumstances that forced the hands of the decision makers during this process.

Until the day that these employees finally leave the company, it is an opportunity for senior managers to assist them in every way possible. This is simply the very least managers can do for their comrades who had been fighting by their side for a specific amount of time. Senior managers must ensure that these employees are prepared to get into the job market again; having the prerequisites to ace interviews, learning new skills along the way and even explore in starting up and pursuing their own dreams.

Senior managers can be the answer to the needs of these people, and show them how much you appreciated them.

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