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Survival 101: Staying Employable

staying employable

In today’s ever-changing business climate, falling victim to retrenchment, or losing your job for any reasons at all – is not only possible but very likely to happen at least once in your life time. The pace of business has picked up in speed considerably over the past few years, along with quick technological changes. Some companies have turned their shutters before they even show the fruits of their labour.

According to International Labour Organisation, job instability has been increasing over the past few years, which have been caused by low rate of employment through permanent contracts since the financial crisis. Only 1 in 4 is employed on a permanent basis, globally. Taking your job for granted is generally, not a wise decision. We all must prepare ourselves for any sudden changes in company direction, which includes letting go of employees as they downsize or streamline their processes, as well as the rising trend of employing individuals on temporary or short-term contracts.

We cannot stop the demand for more short-term or temporary contracts, but we can possess transferable skills and intangible qualities that help us to stay employable, at the very least.

Communication and analytical skills, resourcefulness, a strong network and having a great personality that encourages teamwork and accountability among colleagues are skills that are attractive to employers and anyone seeking to hire competent employees.

All of these valuable skills will definitely allow you to be more resilient towards the increased mercy of volatile market forces.

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