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Netxus Global inked MOU with Singapore Tourism Board and Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum to facilitate Singapore and China enterprise development

Beijing, 24 August 2022– In the 6th Singapore Tourism Board Greater China MICE Conference, Netxus Global, the Singapore Tourism Board and Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for three years to work together on helping China and Singapore enterprises’ growth and business development in the region, and also facilitating financing and investment.

Aside from helping enterprise growth, the collaboration also aims to build an exchange platform for Singapore and China talents for the purposes of learning from each other, and to create business partnerships within a regional eco-system.  Enterprise development and international co-operation will be promoted through conferences, seminars, etc.

The MOU’s other scope of operations include working together on expanding the influence and brand awareness of the Yabuli Forum in international economic forums, and to promote exchanges and mutual visits between the governments, enterprises, institutions and entrepreneurs of Singapore and China through the Yabuli Forum and other related business activities.

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About Netxus Global Pte Ltd

 Netxus Global is an artificial intelligence international business platform.  With its base in Singapore, Netxus Global empowers global political, businesses and academics through intelligent analysis and network distribution technology. We are able to provide accurate future intelligent skills training, international network contacts and facilitate the deployment of global talents.  Netxus Global offers businesses with iSPAN services for global market intelligence(i), Future skills enhancement(S), global talent placement (P), advisory for business or market venture (A) and global network connections (N).

Headquartered in Singapore, Netxus Global is a JV company formed by WiseNet Asia and the Millet Holdings.  For more information, visit http://www.netxusglobal.com/


About Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
Set up in 2001, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum is the leading social organization that gathers together successful business leaders in one common platform, with the mission of nurturing and facilitating growth of new businesses.  Yabuli’s signature events include the Annual Yabuli Forum, Youth Forum and the China-US Business Leaders Roundtable.  For more information about Yabuli, please visit:  www.cefco.cn or global.cefco.cn/