WiseTern Asia Officially Launched the First National University of Singapore (NUS) Internship Program at Yubei Xiantao Data Valley

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Xiantao Data Valley welcomes the first batch of young talents from the National University of Singapore

This morning (9th), Xiantao International Big Data Valley (referred to as Xiantao Data Valley) in Chongqing held a welcome meeting for the first batch of internship students from the National University of Singapore (NUS). The 30 young talents from the National University of Singapore will conduct a 5-week cross-country internship training in Xiantao International Big Data Valley Park. This also marks the official opening of the Singapore (Chongqing) Youth Talent Program.

“Xiantao Data Valley’s 5G technology and unmanned driving are beyond our imagination”, “For us, Xiantao Data Valley has many opportunities for development” … During the welcome event, 30 students from the National University of Singapore visited Xiantao Data Valley’s 5G technology, driverless automotive, etc. Deng Kaihong, a junior from the National University of Singapore, is coming to Chongqing for the first time, and next month he will enter China Automobile Research Institute. He said that this opportunity for exchange internships allowed them to get a good exposure and also experience the speedy development of China’s advanced technology.

30 students visited 5G technology in Xiantao Data Valley

As the core big data intelligent industrial base in Chongqing, Xiantao Data Valley has gathered together a total of 764 high-tech companies. According to the relevant person in charge of Yubei District, under the first batch of 30 internship cooperation plans, the first batch of students will enter Huawei’s Chongqing Innovation Center, China Automotive Research Institute, Xiantao Frontier Consumer Company, Transsion Communication Technology Company, Xiantao College and other representative companies in the valley. The 30 students have graduated from sophomore to postgraduate level, covering computer, electronic engineering, economics, financial engineering, business analysis, business administration and other advantageous majors. The duration of this internship is five weeks, and the internship period will be gradually extended to 6 months in the future.

Chongqing Evening News reporters learned that the Yubei District High-level Talent Service Center, Xiantao International Big Data Valley, and Singapore’s WiseTern Asia, National University of Singapore, etc. have carried out in-depth cooperation agreements to jointly launch the Singapore (Chongqing) Youth Talent Station. It aims to take the lead in promoting interactive exchanges between young talents in Singapore and Chongqing. As early as September of this year, the Yubei District People’s Government, the National University of Singapore, and Singapore’s WiseTern Asia signed a memorandum of cooperation to jointly promote young talents from the National University to conduct internships and employment in Yubei District.

It is reported that the youth talent station in Singapore (Chongqing) is based on the youth talent station in Yubei District. Through the joint service mechanism formed by the Yubei District Committee Talent Office, Yubei District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Youth League Committee, eligible young talents local and abroad can be entitled to fully subsidized living cost and personal accident insurance plans.  By adopting the “online + offline” dual service model, there will be availability of office space, vocational training, market matching, entrepreneurship guidance, etc. This is an interactive platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for young talents. The 2020 Summer Internship Program is expected to achieve a 100-person Singapore internship delegation to Chongqing. In addition, more than 200 students from universities such as Beijing University and Chongqing University have participated in the “dual selection” exchange program for youth talent stations in Yubei District.

Yubei Youth Talent Development Station has launched 10 preferential policies, such as:

Subsidy for employment, food and accommodation for entrepreneurship: For graduates of relevant majors who come to Yubei for entrepreneurship and employment, they can provide free board and lodging for up to 3 months upon confirmation, and purchase short-term personal accident insurance. For graduates who are not yet employed or in the early stages of starting a business, they will be given a half-price subsidy for room and board for up to 3 months after confirmation.

Financial discount interest for start-up guarantee loans: College graduates and related vocational school graduates who lack the liquidity to start a business can apply for a start-up guarantee loan of up to 300,000 yuan. The maximum loan period is 3 years, and the interest is discounted according to the regulations. The project has a special 300,000 yuan full discount.

One-time start-up subsidy:  College graduates (including those who return from studying abroad) who are registered as unemployed within 2 years of graduation.  As legal representatives of small start ups and micro enterprises are entitled to a one-time start-up subsidy of 8,000 yuan per entity if they meet the corresponding conditions.

Participation in paid internships during vacations: If college students voluntarily sign up for paid holiday internships during college breaks, the internship unit will provide a basic living allowance of 50 yuan per person per working day during the internship.

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