Why you should consider setting up offices in Asia?
With globalisation and technology advancement aiding businesses to grow internationally, an increasing number of European and US companies are setting up new offices in Asia, ranging from sales to R&D purposes. We explore the many reasons why you should choose Asia to expand your business.

Asia is the fastest growing economic zone
Asia is among the fastest growing economic zones which will guarantee you great potential as you expand your business internationally. In its recent economic publication, Asian Development Outlook 2014, Asian Development Bank reports that Asia grew 6.1% in 2013 while forecasting 6.2 percent growth of gross domestic product (GDP) for the region in 2014 and 6.4 percent in 2015.

As the region’s biggest countries such as China, India and Indonesia continue with their structure reform to grow their economic markets, Asia is expected to continue leading the world in their developments in the financial, real estate and industrial markets. Leveraging on the economic growth of the region can help you in your business. With a rapidly growing population in Asia, the increasing economic size will ensure that you access an expanding and ready market for your products and services.

With a culture where relationships and personal interactions are crucial in business dealings, it is beneficial to open an Asian office so that you can leverage on the local networks easily. In this area, WiseNet Asia will be able to connect you and kickstart your business with our wide relationships in China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Asia has a mobile and highly educated workforce
With the growing economies, many people in and outside Asia have been moving into the rapidly developing cities, especially in China, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition to a mobile workforce, the education levels among your potential employees have also increased, with many prospects able to speak English on top of their local languages.

With the close proximities of several countries, your firm can easily access a vibrant and dynamic workforce across Asia. This can be a large cost saving in the long run as your firm continues to build your employee base. From starting out your first Asian office to expanding your business across different parts of Asia, WiseNet Asia will be able to customise for your various needs at different stages of your growth.

Ready to take the Next Step?
If you are considering to make your next move in Asia, WiseNet Asia can help you with making the best decision for you and your company. With our wide network with business owners and potential employees in Singapore, Malaysia and China, we can help you find the best fit talents to grow your firm’s businesses in Asia! Find out why you should choose us as your executive search company in Asia!

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