The dream life in a foreign land.

An overseas assignment could be the perfect opportunity for you to build a dream life together with your trailing spouse. With a new good paying job, new exotic city/country to explore, a blank slate to design your new life together – its like having an extended honeymoon all over again. The myriad of possibilities, a fresh start in an exotic new place. Just like a honeymoon, you and your spouse get to explore the exciting new land, immerse yourself in a different culture and entertain envious friends who look forward to being hosted by a “local” while on vacation at your new location.

However, moving aboard as a couple can be deceptively glamorous. The reality is actually a lot more frustrating, difficult and outright lonesome. The amount of planning, arrangement and changes that you will face is astounding. And while you are finally settling into a new work environment, working with new colleagues and perhaps a new work culture, you may not notice that your spouse is facing an entirely different set of challenges. Do not underestimate the enormity of the difficulty your spouse may face to settle down in following you along on this new adventure. Whether they can settle down well will dictate whether the new life together is going to be a dream, or a disaster.

So, of all the challenges, what is the most important thing to do when you move?

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