Are you a mid-career manager? Improve your personal finances with this checklist

Our financial goals change as we pass through different stages in life. This article is targeted at managers in the middle of their career (i.e. those who have been in managerial roles for several years) as a guide to plan your finances for the next decade, up until retirement. As a mid-career professional, you are […]

Will China Lose it’s ‘World Factory’ Status with Shrinking Global Demand Threatened by the Coronavirus Pandemic?

This article was originally published by 中信出版集团 (ID:  citicpub) A sudden pandemic and it’s continuous changes have evolved into a global public crisis. In addition to the capital market, which has been deeply affected, there is also an industry that has also experienced considerable fluctuations in this pandemic. It is — China’s manufacturing industry. In […]

Impacts of the Wuhan Coronavirus on China’s Economy

How will the Wuhan coronavirus affect China’s economy? Which industries will be most affected, and which assets will usher in a bottoming rebound? This article is translated and republished from China Investment Network        1 Feb 2020: In the early morning of January 31, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the Wuhan […]

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